Dunbier Alloy Supa-Rolla Series Trailers - 5.3m to 8.5m

Suitable for boats 5.3m to 8.5m 

Alloy Supa Rolla Series

Drive on, roll off, self-centering design, arguably one of the most successful and reliable trailers on the market.

The Super roller series is without doubt an icon of the Australian boating industry.  Since its inception over 40 years ago the Supa roller a remains at the peak of performance when launching and retrieving.

The secret of the Supa Roller lies in 3 key Performance features:

Quality and Quantity: At its heart the super roller is made up of a large number of high-grade rollers that work completely independently of each other to follow the complex curves of your hull. Each High-grade roller is a combination of both hard-wearing Nylons that provide stiffness and support and softer compounds that grip and protect your hull.

Put very simply the rolling resistance of a super roller Trailer is far less than almost anything else in the market, it’s why it launches and retrieves so effortlessly. BY cradling the hull of the boat at multiple locations we achieve a great deal. Firstly, by spreading the weight we are protecting the hull and secondly each individual roller carries far less weight so it can roll more easily. For you it means a trailer that you can simply slide into the water no matter the ramp conditions.

Keel Free: The Supa Roller, is unique as at no point is the keel supported when being used. The multiple roller arms cradle the hull and guide it into position as the boat rolls on or off the trailer.  The hull is cradled along its entire length and as the boat is retrieved the arms and rollers work together to bring the boat into line for a first time, every time retrieval.

Cradle Roller Bracket: The Supa Roller has a unique entry cradle that rotates independently of the main frame. By changing the angle of the rear roller arms as the boat contacts and then continues up into the trailer we reduce the effort required by almost 50%. It also means that shallow ramps, beach launches etc are not a concern as the trailer “adjusts” to the conditions on the day.

The super-roller is the choice of many across Australia and continues to be our number one selling premium trailer option for fibreglass and plate boat owners alike.

The Supa Roller Series boasts our revolutionary “Undercarriage” system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on the main frame. This allows for the precise fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth, effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

Every Supa Roller is manufactured right here in our Melbourne plant. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from our competition and we take pride in every single trailer we build.

Other Standard Features:

  • Unique “Bolt Free” welded alloy frames for lifelong peace of mind.
  • Custom Waterproof LED Lighting system.
  • Concealed internal wiring harness that prevents damage to your electrics and adds to the visual appeal.
  • Heavy Duty “Swing up” jockey wheel as standard.
  • Standard with Premium Bright Finish Alloy Checker plate guards on tandems. Single axle supplied with UV stabilised plastic guards in your choice of colour.
  • Australian Standards Approved Couplings for security when under tow.
  • Pre-Machined 15MM Brake rotors (where fitted) and 150MM Heavy duty Non-Braked hubs to keep you rolling out on the highway.
  • Bearing Protectors and High-grade Automotive seals that won’t let you down.
  • High Grade Light truck DOT Approved tyres as standard.
  • Galvanised U-bolts, nuts and plates throughout.
  • Matched Strap Winches that won’t bind on the drum.
  • Dunbier “ Undercarriage System” for fine tuning of your trailer balance.


Models & Pricing

  • 9161 - $9,609 5.3m-13B 1450kg Rated
  • 9170 - $11,435 5.3m-13TB (TANDEM AXLE) 1999kg Rated
  • 9199 - $11,771 6 5.7m-13TB (TANDEM AXLE) 1999kg Rated
  • 9181 - $13,018 6.2m-13TB (TANDEM AXLE) 2000kg Rated
  • 9180 - $16,449 6.2m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 2500kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9182 - $16,933 6.5m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 3000kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9183 - $18,655 7.0m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 3000kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9184 - $21,081 7.0m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 3500kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9185 - $18,832 7.5m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 3000kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9186 - $21,467 7.5m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 3500kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)
  • 9198 - $24,801 8.5m-14THE (TANDEM AXLE) 4400kg Rated (Hydrastar Brake)




- Powdercoated Frames

- Pack Rack

- Spare Wheel & Carrier

- Alloy Wheels (PUMA Black & Polished Alloy)

- Swing Around Drawbar

- L & R Boat Latch - Launch & Retreive System 


*Image is for illustration purposes