Dunbier Loader Pro X Series C-Channel Trailers - 5.0m to 5.7m

Loader Pro X Series C-Channel 

Suitable for boats 5.0m to 5.7m 

The Loader Pro X Series is built like no other trailer in our range. Heavy duty, tough and with the extra attention to detail our customers demand the Loader Pro X series is built for Australian Fisho’s that go where the fish are.

Loader Pro X is constructed from a virtually corrosion free full C Channel frame that has been engineered specifically to outperform standard trailers when the going gets tough. Loader Pro X series is available in 5.0, 5.3 and 5.7m sizes to suit the “Aussie Fisho” market and is perfect for either pressed or plate alloy hulls as well as all fibreglass hulls.

The Loader pro X series has all the standard features of the Loader Pro series and performs faultlessly at the ramp and on the highway, but the new X Series takes things to a new level for those that push beyond the everyday.

Other Standard Features:

  • High Grade Australian steel with a Heavy-Duty Galvanised Finish for corrosion protection.
  • Custom Waterproof LED Lighting system with a “Joint Free” wiring loom that won’t let you down.
  • Heavy Duty “Swing up” jockey wheel as standard.
  • Stylish Black UV stabilised mudguards that will not corrode and are virtually unbreakable. (Choose from Silver or white if preferred)
  • Australian Standards Approved Couplings for security when under tow.
  • Pre-Machined 15MM Brake rotors (where fitted) and 150MM Heavy duty Non-Braked hubs to keep you rolling out on the highway.
  • Bearing Protectors and High-grade Automotive seals that won’t let you down.
  • Customised 4 bend axle for increased keel clearance and a lower ride height.
  • High Grade Light truck tyres as standard.
  • Galvanised U-bolts, nuts and plates throughout.
  • Matched Strap Winches that won’t bind on the drum.
  • Dunbier “ Undercarriage System” for fine tuning of your trailer balance.

Special X Series features:

  • No Internal Corrosion
    Full C Channel steel frame means no internal corrosion ever! Plus you get the toughness that only heavy C Channel can provide.
  • Intelligent Design
    Unique Inverted C Channel design means that the Channel faces internally, this prevents road grit and gravel accumulation and protects the trailer wiring loom from damage and is unique to the Loader X.
  • Heavy Duty Cross Members
    Heavy C Channel steel cross members are reversed to provide strength and will not trap water, plus they feature additional bracing for improved strength and frame rigidity.
  • Improved Ride Height
    Unique Cross Member profiles and “Low Mount” positions on the internal frame ensure your hull fits snugly into the trailer cradle. This reduces overall ride height and means easier launching in shallow water and significant reductions in wind drag when on the open road.
  • Engineered to Perform
    C Channel material has more flex than traditional box section so we have engineered a series of Frame strengtheners that control the overall flex of the frame and dissipate stresses throughout the chassis, this prevents fatigue and provides rigidity.

Models & Pricing

  • 9327 - $7,408 LPX 5.0m-13B 1450kg Rated
  • 9328 - $8,414 LPX 5.3m-13B 1450kg Rated
  • 9328H - $9,016 LPX 5.3m-14B 1650kg Rated
  • 9329 - $9,921 LPX 5.3m-13TB  (TANDEM AXLE) 1990kg Rated
  • 9330 - $8,453 LPX 5.7m-13B 1450kg Rated
  • 9330H - $9,056 LPX 5.7m-14B 1650kg Rated
  • 9331 - $10,035 LPX 5.7m-13TB (TANDEM AXLE) 1990kg Rated




- Powdercoated Frames

- Pack Rack

- Spare Wheel & Carrier

- Alloy Wheels (PUMA Black & Polished Alloy)

- Swing Around Drawbar

- L & R Boat Latch - Launch & Retreive System 


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