Suzuki Marine Safety Kit

Grab your Suzuki Marine waterproof safety kit and go... its that easy !

These waterproof duffle bags include all the safety gear you need to hit the water and be compliant (Inshore). 


• 1 x Suzuki Marine Waterproof Bag

• 4 x Suzuki Marine (RELAXN) Inflatable Lifejackets - MANUAL INFLATION / AS4758.1 / LEVEL 150 "Offshore" PFD

• 2 x Extendable Paddles

• 1 x Compass

• 1 x Torch

• 1 x Bail Bucket

• 1 x Reflective Mirror

• 1 x V-Sheet

These safety gear bags take up next to no room whilst being stowed in your boat, and are perfect for transfering between multiple boats also.