Formosa SRT – Announcement

It is with great excitement we bring you the NEWS that Formosa Marine are releasing some exciting changes to their boat branding to create an easier and more simplified identification of this already extremely popular plate boat range.

The new FORMOSA SRT branding changes aim to clear any misconceptions as to the capabilities and performance of a FORMOSA hull, as was sometimes the case when both the Classic & Offshore models were available. – John Princehorn, Formosa Marine, QLD, Australia.

Their is now only one (1) hull… branded as the Formosa SRT.

This boat is now full of fantastic standard features, regardless of the size or model! Some of the key features standard across the whole range are:

  • Premium Seastar Hydraulic Steering – Making for a far superior boating experience that you deserve. 
  • Single Transom Door – It is important to take note of the build quality and strength of this transom door that is both removable and can double as a casting platform.
  • Welded Aluminium Rod Holders.
  • 5083 high tensile bottom sheets.

We are also happy to announce the introduction of the FORMOSA SRT PRO DECK option. This feature is an optional upgrade to a fully welded alloy floor with self draining scuppers (Carpeted or Checker-plate). In the past this was only available in the “Offshore” model, but can now easily be optioned into any of our Formosa SRT boat models.

The final and most noticeable change to the Formosa SRT range is our sleek new graphics and boat sizing.

We have changed the sizing displayed on the boats to better represent the boats true overall length. – Duncan Blakey, Formosa Marine, QLD, Australia.

Below is a chart to show the sizes you may already be familiar with and what we have changed them to moving forward.

  • 490 replaced with 495
  • 520 replaced with 535
  • 550 replaced with 565
  • 580 replaced with 595
  • 620 replaced with 635
  • 660 replaced with 675
  • 700 replaced with 715
  • 740 replaced with 755

The roll out of the NEW Formosa Racing Stripe graphics have began to come through dealerships, for sure the customer still has the choice to pick if they wish to have the original “Marlin” graphics, but we believe the new livery matches the more modern changes to our premium Formosa SRT plate range of boats.

For more information, be sure to get in contact with us here at NCBC or simply jump onto the Formosa Marine page here to see the whole range of Aquatic Weaponry™ available!